Build strength faster

Building body strengthWhile most strength programs, such as weight-lifting, build up only one set of muscles at a time, Bikram Hot Yoga’s postures and breathing exercises work every single muscle of your body every single time, in a strength-maximizing sequence.

 Standard strength programs stress your joints and muscles, requiring days between sessions for recovery. According to Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength, “If you’re training hard enough to make progress, you’ll be sore, and if you’re training often enough to make progress you’ll wind up using muscles while they’re still sore…”

Bikram Hot Yoga gives you progress without stress. In our precisely controlled environment, you warm up virtually instantly, so more of your strength-building workout actually builds strength. Your cartilage becomes more flexible, your body’s natural lubricants and endorphins flow, and your body expels the acids that cause fatigue and pain.

So you don’t have to interrupt your progress with days or even weeks off to recover from soreness or injuries.