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Bikram Yoga Virginia Beach
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by Cathy on Bikram Yoga Virginia Beach
i will not allow breast cancer to defeat me.

Im a new memeber with Bikram. I was first intimated. Then I started to breath. My body has felt so great afterwards. My bones and nerve ending would cause pain. Taking just three classes, I can sleep well,no pain. Thanks Bikram!

by Jimmy on Bikram Yoga Virginia Beach

My journey in Yoga-ville has been interesting. Initially I began yoga as a way to spend a few minutes taking care of my body. After I started making it a consistent practice things began to change for me. I had been on several combat deployments and had been wounded on my last one. There were issues I’d thought were resolved...but in the hot room I found a few more. The strangest thing about my Yoga path has been that as of late, when I find myself really struggling with things that come up and what the pros call “triggers” I can’t wait to get in to the hot room and work it out of my system. It is a serious gift. There have been some exceptionally difficult circumstances that have come up over the last month and I found myself sitting in the yoga studio before class, getting quite emotional. I went to the owner of my studio and gave her a hug and told her that I was very grateful for the work she does to keep her studio open and to keep it a place where people can come and work on their lives in a rewarding way. I was all teary-eyed and emotional. She was a bit overwhelmed. I think it is difficult for people who have not lived through some serious combat to understand how raw that makes your soul. She handled it like a pro and then went in and took all of us in the room through a great practice. It was yet another gift I receive through my Yoga practice and I am indeed grateful.

by Janette on Bikram Yoga Virginia Beach
Benefits and Observations

I have been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga 3 times a week for over 2 1/2 years. Some of the benefits I am experiencing:
- golf - alignment is automatic; I am more focused during my swing and think less about my alignment; my body has less movement; have taken at least 10 strokes off my game.

- can keep up with my grand daughter in Dragon Land - 90 degree weather I can now run up and down the stairs and through the nets at Dragon Land (Busch Gardens) with ease and without losing my breath - its amazing!

- I was out of town for the summer and did not practice. I felt joint pain creeping back in. Upon my return to Virginia Beach and after a single class - I immediately noticed relief from the joint pain.

Observations I have made:
- negative thoughts translates to negative practice- on rare occassions during my practice I have allowed negative/stressful thoughts (work/family/life stresses) invade my mind. On those occassions I have found that my postures are not as deep and I tend to get sloppy/not try/lose focus very easily. I also have a harder time breathing through the postures.