What to know before you start getting fit faster

All students must fill out this liability and waiver form upon their first visit to the studio

for All students:

  • The studio is open 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after all scheduled classes.
  • No reservation or pre-registration is required.
  • Be on time! Latecomers will not be admitted. No exceptions, no excuses.
  • Leave your shoes at the front door when you enter the studio.
  • Let your teacher know of any injuries or medical conditions.
  • All classes are 90 minutes long. We encourage all students to stay in the room throughout the entire class. If you must leave because of an emergency, please leave and re-enter between postures.
  • Only water is allowed in the yoga room. No glass bottles please. No food or chewing gum either.
  • We discourage drinking water or wiping until “Party Time,” which occurs after the third posture, Eagle Pose.
  • Honor the silence of the room by moving quietly, and refrain from talking.
  • No cell phones or pagers are allowed in the yoga room. You can leave them at the front desk or in the locker rooms.
  • Keep your body and feet clean when attending class, and free from perfumes, colognes or other strong scents.
  • Payment is after class ends. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.